Research lines

  • Biological Chemistry: 

Small-molecules, as molecular probes, to explore relevant biological process.

 1.- Biosynthetically Designed Fungicide

  • Biosynthetic studies
  • Synthesis of biosynthetic analogues.
  • Biocatalysis/ Biotransformation:
    • Whole cell. Detoxification mechanism studies.
    • Synthesis of enantimerically pure compounds.

2.- Synthesis of bioactives compounds

  •  Design and synthesis of fungicides against phytopathogen fungi.
  • Synthesis of bioactives molecules with agrochemical and pharmacological activity.
  • Pre- and Postharvest phytopreserver molecules.
  •  PKC´s Agonists:

(Research line head Prof. Dra. Rosario Hernández Galán). Design and synthesis of PKC´s agonist molecules.

 3.- PKC´s Agonists Design: New molecules inducing HIV-1 virus latency reactivation.  

4.- Designing promoter of proliferation and differentiation of neural steam cells. Studies on action mechanism.


  • Chemical Genetic:

Studying filamentous fungi genome by chemical tools.

 5.- Functional genes characterization and enzymes involved in secondary metabolism of phytopathogenous fungi.

 6.- Biosynthetic genetic-base of toxins excreted by phytopathogens fungi.


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